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Turnaround Time

If you are downloading already finished designs from the Etsy Shop, then your downloads are instantly available after you pay.

If your are ordering a Bespoke Design:

I aim to get your finished product to you as quickly as possible without compromising the quality. After our initial communications, when I have a clear idea of what you want, expect about 2 weeks until you receive the draft sketch for approval. It will then be approximately 2 more weeks before the final draft approval. It will be approximately 4 weeks total from the time of order until you receive the final product, however this timeline is subject to factors that we can discuss on an individual basis.

  • Urgent Orders: Need great design at the last minute? No problem - well, most the time. Most products can be produced with a quicker turnaround, however your draft approvals may be limited and complex orders may need to be simplified. Shoot me an email to explain your order and we’ll go from there. There is a 25% urgency fee added to custom orders.

  • If you will only use the product digitally: It’s best if you give yourself over a month from the time you order until you receive your product.

  • If you will need to Print: Allow yourself 2-3 weeks wiggle room between the printer’s deadline to receive the design and my estimated finish date. This will help with any issues that may come up in formatting the design for printing.

  • Please expect longer turnaround times for multiple portraits or additional draft approvals.

  • If you aren’t happy with the final draft - you may purchase additional draft approvals. Price will vary depending on changes made and product purchased. This price will be determined in the initial design contract.

  • This time may be shorter or longer depending on the product (a full suite will take longer than a logo) and your response time (if I do not get approval from the draft sketch, I will not go ahead until I hear from you).